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About our agency

Our Story

We are not your average agency. This has been prevalent even way before our incorporation, when innate entrepreneur and owner of Vizzua was looking for ways to combine passion and people. His goal was simple yet powerful, to find individuals who reject the boundaries of the norm, are beautifully unique and have pure raw talent, and who can form part of an elite team that can inspire the world to dream.

As a comprehensive agency based in Cape Town, South Africa we believe in positive influence – through the building blocks of discovery, transformation, visibility and innovation.  This has been our greatest catalysts for success.

We seek out individuals and business owners who have the courage to be more, and the willingness and desire to work for their dreams.  Collectively we work towards goals and continuously search for deeper connections with people and the world around us.

We aspire to create vast, positive ideas that connect people. To do so in a result-orientated, totally integrated, media-neutral manner so to maximise our customers’ potential.

Our initial scope has grown since 2009, as a result of our extensive exposure with start-ups and existing businesses and the “Dreampreneurs" behind them.

Throughout the years we have been involved with a wide range of industries, services, products, micro to large corporations – all providing us unique insight to structures, people and practices.

We have assisted numerous business, established and new, to build brands, develop customer interactions and roll out business infrastructure and more.

Today, we offer an array of creative, strategic and technology services to enable business owners to have the necessary structure in place and as well as access to expert guidance, skill and support to enable them to succeed and grow.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a world where businesses have equal opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their size. To create experiences that inspire. Not just through our actions and work, but to inspire those who we deal with - so that they in return can uplift others.

We are passionate about what we do; and doing it for the greater good. Never accepting mediocrity; and pushing the limits of what is expected, accepted and understood. We do the right things, for the right reasons; and live by our own rules. Always being honest and respectful; not allowing preconceptions and unmindfulness; we break away from the norm and set our own paths; honouring our obligations. We ignore the doubters and embrace those who are courageous, and dare to dream.

Not Your Average Kind

We pride ourselves in providing clients with innovative, creative and practical solutions as well as a high level of customer and project attention – always adding value.

Our skills span beyond creating compelling designs and strategy; we also focus on end-to-end business solutions and project management to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved and maintained.

We have years of experience and use our comprehensive knowledge to give our customer’s a competitive edge.

It Is In The Name

“Vizzua” [viz-zoo-aah] derives from our passion for all that is “visual”.  From the wonderful ability to see something in your mind – the twitching dream – the sense of wonder and exploration and then materialising it all.

It only made sense to make this our core value, as it has such an underlying meaning in our work and how we look at things. It is finding the balance between creativity and functionality and making it work in a real and tangible world.