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Brand Audit

How can you tell if your brand is due an overhaul?

If your profits are falling and sales are not performing or you are not doing as well as expected in your market – a brand audit will help give you insight into your brand’s impact and performance, and why it is not delivering.

A periodical audit is essential as it provides a review and diagnosis of anything and everything your organisation touches.

If you have been in business for a few years, you may be surprised at the clues your past efforts can provide for carving out your future bold brand.

Things like your company website, signage, messaging, values, customer interactions and even processes, will point out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your brand as a whole.

Brands are like living entities with life cycles. They start with much excitement and promise, grow and then eventually plateau. It’s at this mature stage of evolvement when they potentially start to loose relevance as customers move on to the latest hot new thing. 

A brand audit helps you monitor this cycle so you can keep your brand fresh and relevant and know when to reinvigorate or revitalise. 

Strong brands are more profitable and increase company value. It enables you to command a premium, ensures customer preference in buying decisions, builds customer loyalty which reduces cost of sales and fends off competition.

Brand Assets We Review

The Internal
The External
The Systems
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